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Ultimate Insaniquarium Guide

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This is guide or players playing insaniquarium deluxe!
It will start after this chapter thingy...

1 What is insaniquarium?
- To get insaniquarium for free for 1 hours
- To get the full version of insaniquarium
2 Adventure
- Tank 1-1 - 1-5
- Tank 2-1 - 2-5
- Tank 3
- Tank 4
- Tank 5-1 (Boss stage)
- Tank 6-1??? (Bug)
- Bonus adventure
3 Time Trial
- Tank 1
- Tank 2
- Tank 3
- Tank 4
4 Challenge Tank
- Tank 1
- Tank 2
- Tank 3
- Tank 4
5 Virtual Tank
- Virtual Tank Day Cycle
- Virtual Tank Shopping List
- Pre-named Fishes
- Virtual Tank Guide
- About the fish
- How do I earn money?
- How long does my fish grows to a...?
- Virtual Tank Cheats (Time traveling)
6 Pets
7 Aliens
8 Cheats
- Sandbox
- Hex Editing
- Gameplay cheats
9 Misc. Info
10 FAQ Guide

What is insaniquarium?

'Feed fish! Fight aliens! It's the craziest aquarium you've ever seen in this spectacular action-puzzle adventure from the makers of Bejeweled, Bookworm, and Zuma. Adapted from the hit web game, Insaniquarium Deluxe features 20 all new levels in 4 unique tanks. Buy fish, upgrade your weapons, and unlock secret pets as you explore this captivating underwater world. Then stock your virtual tank with fish to create your own personal screensaver!'

Insaniquarium is actually a called `insane aquarium' You can download the trial version here for free but after an hour, it expired. To get the full version, you have to pay US$19.95. But its worth though.

Insaniquarium was created by Flying Bear Entertainment and marketed by PopCap Games. It was awarded "Innovation In Game Design" in the 2002 Independent Games Festival by the Game Developers Conference. The first version of the game was Java-based and was available as a free online game. Shortly after, a PDA version was released. The latest version is the popular Deluxe version for PC (released in September 2004).

There are 4 modes in Insaniquarium. Adventure, Time Trial, Challenge, and Virtual Tank


The aim in adventure is to get 3 pieces of eggs. But to get that, U have to earn money. To earn money, u have to grow your fish until med, to get silver coin. And to grow your fish, u have to click on the screen to drop food. Sometimes, hungry aliens would invade ur tank and eat ur fish. So to kill em, Click on them.

Sounds simple, But when u get to tank 4-1, do not complain
Ok, let start our quest right now!

Tank 1.1
Its actually practice for new players
There are no aliens in this tank
U could just take ur own time on this
But if u wan the fastest way to complete game
Fish ur fish until it grows to a adult fish.
Do not buy another fish!
Try not to miss a coin or waste any food…

My record = 1.21 secs (my new acct)
Pet = Stinky the snail. He moves around on the bottom of the tank helping u catch coins, shells, diamonds etc.

FYI, fish food costs $5, silver coin is worth $15, golden coin is worth $35

For experienced players
Have u heard be4 players completing tank 1.1 under 10 secs?
Yes, this has been proved. But to achieve it, This is how u do it.
Select Walter, Amp, Blip.
Try to use Walter to punch amp under 5 secs.
Click on amp after he charge, then collect the sapphires.
After the 5 secs, blip would open all the options on the purchase menu.
Click on the eggs 3 times as fast as u can!
To get it under 10 secs, u have to be fast, quick and lucky.
Lucky to get walter to punch amp under 5 secs…
Fast and Quick for those money, Amp and eggs.

FYI, Sapphires is worth $200, and $200 is ur starting cash

So if u feed 2 guppies at a time, $10 is gone, left with $190
With other $400 (from sapphires) Total with $590, more then enough for 3 $150 egg pieces.

My record = 0.09 secs.

Tank 1.2
Now ur first alien opponent is next… so be careful.
This is still easy for u guys….
Do not buy any fish, or food quantity.
But no choice u must buy quality to complete this.
Train ur guppies until they are both large.
After abt 50 secs, a alien would appear
Only In this round they would tell u there would be a alien coming with a note saying "a vicious alien has….."
Then the second time "Click on the aliens head to knock him down, and on the tail to deflect him upwards"
Each egg pieces cost $500

Well this stage is easy.

My record = 3.02 secs (new acct)
= 1.28 secs (main acct)

Pet = Niko the oyster. After a while, Niko would open his mouth with a pearl inside which worth $150

FYI, this alien is called Sylvester. You only need to click on him 10 times and he will die. All aliens drop sapphires after they die.

Tank 1.3
This is easy
Dun worry if u miss a coin or a food
Because if u follow my strategy
U can finish this easily
This strategy is called
Play as normal until u have at least $1200
Then buy a carnivore n a guppy.
A carnivore eat a guppy and poo out a sapphire
Also do not miss niko pearls
Then until u got $1200 again buy a carnivore and guppy again
Do this again to have 3 carnivore
Now u have to juz focus on carnivore
U could still feed ur guppies for extra coin
Try not to miss the sapphires becoz is vital
Each egg pieces cost $2000
When a alien invades, do not let him eat ur carnivore!
Buy guppies and feed ur carnivore
After a while u should be able to win the game

My record = 3.33 secs (new acct)
= 2.21 secs (main acct)

Pet = Itchy the swordfish, helps u fight with aliens
FYI, carnivore is so-called carnies, sapphires is so-called diamonds and press space bar to paused the game

Tank 1.4
Fairly easy tank yet again
Do the strategy "Carnivore Saturation"
But this time, make 4 carnivores.
And in this round, a alien is born.
His name is Balrog, a lion-like alien
He is more vicious then Sylvester
So u should watch out.
Each egg pieces costs $3000

My record = 3.41 secs (new acct)
= 2.32 secs (main acct)

Pet = Prego the momma fish, give birth to guppies

FYI, u can only carry 3 pets to each round.

Tank 1.5
Well, Again a easy tank.
Choose Prego, Itchy and Niko
Do the carnivore saturation strategy again
This time is free choice, make as many carnivore as u want
I made 8! The guppy are less important, I dun even feed them
This time 2 aliens will appear even a time
Tho this happened, It is still easy

My record = 4.21 secs (new acct)
= 2.54 secs (main acct)

Pet = Zorf the seahorse, feeds ur guppies with level 2 food. Very important for screensaver mode

FYI, every tank has 5 rounds, after every 5 round, u can collects shell for ur vt in a bonus round.

Bonus rounds
Huh wat is this?
This is a round which u can collects shells for ur vt (u will learn more afterwards)

White shells = 1
Yellow shells = 2
Blue shells = 5
Spiral shells = 10
Bag o shells = 20

If u click on a shells 2 times, it will double
For example, u click a spiral shell, then u click on another (second time), u will have 20 shells

Total of 30 shells, for the third time, 30 shell, make of a total of 60 shells.

Hope u understand me (you would know if u play this round)

And also if u have clicked on the same shells for 10 times
U will got a bonus of the original shells amount multiplied by 25.

My strategy is to only click on the bag o shells becoz
If u click 10 times, u will get 1600 shells.

Anyway, back to the tank games

Tank 2.1
Fairly easy this again, coz it is just the first round
This time is a practice for u, do not buy anything at all accept the egg pieces
Let Prego produce guppies, niko for pearls and itchy for aliens.
Not gonna say much but this is it.
Each egg pieces costs $750

My record = 2.35 secs (new acct)
= 0.54 secs (main acct)

Pet = Clyde the jellyfish, important in the strategy "guppy saturation." (Learn abt this strategy afterwards) He helps you collects shells (like stinky but he moves around the tank)

FYI, star potion is for changing a large guppy into a star guppy.

Tank 2.2
Cool, now with this harder tank, it wont be easy…
Prego, Itchy and Niko again
Now play as normal until u have a option to buy starcatchers and star potion
Wait until a LARGE guppy is hungry then quickly, buy a star potion a drop above him
Then he would turn a translucent fish and drop stars.
After that, buy a starcatchers. Starcatchers eats star a throw up a sapphires
Get at least 2 star guppy and starcatchers, then u would easily go thru this round
Each egg pieces costs $3000

My record = 5.12 secs (new acct)
= 3.45 secs (main acct)

Pet = Vert the skeleton, poo out gold coin but no need to be feeded

FYI, star potion can be only eaten by large guppy and king guppy (learn more afterwards), but if a small or med guppy eat it, it would die. A star worth $40 and starcatcher need to eat stars to stay alive

Tank 2.3
Choose Prego, Itchy and Niko again.
Another tank. But with a new alien! Gus!
He can be only kill after eating fish food!
He is not really strong but if u only have only one food quantity.....
Ok right onto the solution
Actually is the same like how u finished tank 2.2
So called the starcatchers saturation
This time, 4 starcatchers and star guppies…
Each egg pieces costs $5000

My record = 6.22 secs (new acct)
= 4.51 secs (main acct)

Pet = Rufus the fiddler crab, stays at the bottom of the tank and helps to attack aliens if u lure them to the bottom of the tank.

Tank 2.4
Hahaha, another tank
But finally 2 changes, select Prego, Niko and RUFUS
And a new type of alien! Destroyer!
He stay on the bottom on the tank shooting missiles on ur fish
He don't eat ur fishes, but shoots it
For normal, do the starcatchers saturations again
5 star guppies and starcatches this time
Each egg pieces costs $7500

My record = 6.12 secs (new acct)
= 5.12 secs (main acct)

Pet = Meryl the mermaid, Sings a song to let all ur guppies drop three coins.

FYI, weapons cost $1000 to upgrade and there are 10 upgrades.

Tank 2.5
This tank is the good part do to the guppy saturation
Pets = Meryl, Clyde and Prego
Firstly, keep buying guppy and feeding until u have the option to buy the food quality and quantity
Buy both till max and continue feed those fishes
When Meryl sings, the tank should be full of coins
Make 4 star guppies and buy 3 starcatchers.
This sure should make a great amount of money in a second
You should have abt 40 guppies.
You be able to finished the tank after a while
Each egg pieces cost $10000

My record = 7.34 secs (new acct)
= 5.46 secs (main acct)

Pet = Wadsworth the whale, in alien attacks, he shelters baby and medium guppies.

Tank 3
Well, im not gonna write tank by tank again…
Coz almost every tank have the same way to complete it
So in this tank there will be 2 new aliens
PsychoSquid and Ulysses.
Psychosquid is incredibly fast and he can eat many guppies at once.
He also have a resting after a while
Ulysses is similar to destructor but instead of missiles,
He shoots energy balls at ur fishes
The energy ball wont go off after u click, it will reflects to wherever u click

One strategy
Guppy, guppy crunchers and beetle munchers
So called 'a guppy a day, keeps a beetle away'
This strategy is basically have at least 2 guppy cruncher and 2 beetle muncher
After you have 5 guppies (large) then buy a guppy and a guppy cruncher
After a while, if u r comfortable with the guppy cruncher, buy a beetle muncher
Then if u r comfortable with them, buy another pair

Pets obtained
Tank 3.1 = Seymour the turtle, His presence slows down the speed of the coins
Tank 3.2 = Shrapnel the robot fish, drops bomb the worth $150 but kills fishes if touched
Tank 3.3 = Gumbo the anglerfish, during aliens attack, gather all guppies into a corner.
Tank 3.4 = Blip the porpoise, provides info such as when fish are hungry, aliens life, where the alien be and open all the purchase option after a while.
Tank 3.5 = Rhubarb the hermit crab, hits fishes up to the tank.

Pets chosen each tank
Tank 3.1 = Wadsworth, Meryl and Prego
Tank 3.2 = Wadsworth, Meryl and Seymour
Tank 3.3 = Wadsworth, Meryl and Seymour
Tank 3.4 = Gumbo, Meryl and Seymour
Tank 3.5 = Gumbo, Meryl and Blip

The cost of each egg pieces in each tank
Tank 3.1 = $1000
Tank 3.2 = $3000
Tank 3.3 = $7500
Tank 3.4 = $10000
Tank 3.5 = $15000

And the price to upgrade the weapon each is $2000 this round

My records (main acct)
Tank 3.1 = 1.43 secs
Tank 3.2 = 6.44 secs
Tank 3.3 = 9.56 secs
Tank 3.4 = 11.34 secs
Tank 3.5 = 12.09 secs

FYI, Beetle is worth $200, Beetle munchers worth $500

Tank 4
One new alien, Bilaterus
I call this alien the killer, especially the pointy-headed one
This alien basically has two head but u have to kill it one by one
Fish will also get kill if they get near the floating spine
2 new fish types, Breeders and Ultravores...
Breeders (like Prego) give birth to guppies and eats normal fish food
Ultravores drop treasures that worth $2000 and eats carnivores

ONE Strategy
Do the CARNIVORE SATURATION strategy until u got $12000
Its real easy if u got 10 carnies (buy 5 breeders to feed ur carnivores)
Buy guppies if ur carnies are yellow...
If u got $12000, buy an ultravore and a carnivore
Eventually buy more and more ultravores...
This is the ultimate strategy for this tank
So do this always...
But when aliens invades, I think u will be losing a great sum or fish

Pets obtained
Tank 4.1 = Nimbus the Manta Ray, He bounce coins and food up to the tank again
Tank 4.2 = Amp the Electric Eel, He can kill all the guppies and turn them into sapphires
Tank 4.3 = Gash the Shark, He bite aliens and eats guppies from time to time...
Tank 4.4 = Angie the Angefish, She revive dead fishes.
Tank 4.5 = Presto the Tadpole, He can turn to any pets if u right-click on him...

Pets chosen each tank
Tank 4.1 = Blip, Gumbo/Wadsworth, Meryl
Tank 4.2 = Blip, Gumbo/Wadsworth, Meryl/Itchy/Rufus
Tank 4.3 = Blip, Gumbo/Wadsworth, Amp
Tank 4.4 = Blip, Gumbo/Wadsworth, Gash
Tank 4.5 = Gash, Gumbo/Wadsworth, Amp

The cost of each egg pieces in each tank
Tank 3.1 = $3000
Tank 3.2 = $25000
Tank 3.3 = $50000
Tank 3.4 = $75000
Tank 4.5 = $99999 (It is possible)

And the price to upgrade the weapon each is $5000 this round

My records (main acct)
Tank 4.1 = 7.44 secs
Tank 4.2 = 13.22 secs
Tank 4.3 = 13.13 secs
Tank 4.4 = 20.57 secs
Tank 4.5 = 31.45 secs

Tank 5 (Boss round)
After winning Tank 4.5, you would be getting a message from the evil mastermind, Cyrax...
Then u would be transferred in to a tank filled with ur pets and Cyrax.
Cyrax himself does not kill your pets, every 5 seconds, he creates mini-slyvester who can.
This requires you to share the focus of your laser between the mini-sylvesters and Cyrax himself.
But even worse about every 5 seconds a random alien will warp into the tank.
They will start wreaking havoc as well, thus giving you a third target to worry about.
To top it off, even though Gash and Rufus are in the tank, they won't help.
The only real positive thing is that your laser seems relatively powerful...
Balrog only needs about 5 hits to take out. Brain himself needs about 50.
You need to have at least one pet surviving when Brain finally falls....
after which the credits roll and your adventure starts over.

How do u defeat him
Actually, it is very easy... keep clicking on him and the minislyvesters...
Then when the random alien warp into the tank, Focus on that first...
When a destructor enters the tank, dont kill him, only detroys his missiles...
Now focus on Cyrax and minislyvester .... its easy, and i dun think u should lose this round..
After that... U would be transferred into the credits, and u finished the adventure mode!

Here is wat they would say in the credits after completing this round

Every credit begins with:
"Congratulations. You've successfully vanquished the alien hordes. The epic conflict between fish and evil has finally come to a close. Thanks to you, aquarium owners can sleep easy tonight! Many a pet gave their lives in the final battle, but do not grieve, little one! Angie purposefully sat out of the fight, and she's got a few tricks up her sleeves..."
(followed by the Angie save sequence and then...)

"Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game"
(if you save 1-7 Pets.)

"Also, you saved a fair number of pets yourself. Good job!"
"Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game"
(if you save 8-12 Pets.)

"Hmmm... actually it looks like not that many pets died.
Great work!! Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game"
(if you save 13-14 Pets.)

"Whoa, hold on... Only (2/3) pets died?! That's Incredible!
Good shooting, there! Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game"
(if you save 15-16 pets.)

"My Goodness! That's it? You only lost one pet?! That's unbelievable!! How the heck did that happen?! You rule this game!! Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game"
(if you save 17 pets.)

"Wait a minute! You didn't lose any pets?! How did you do that? That's really amazing! Seriously though... How did you do that?? Fine, keep it to yourself. Thanks For Playing. We'll See You again Next Game"
(if you save ALL 18 pets.)

Taken by the official forums, by xxSylphxx

Tank 6.1??? (Bug)
This is actually a round where some people goes to...
A bug round...
The only way to get out of that is by hex editing...
So, if u wanna see wat inside 6.1..
Please go to windows mode...
Then go to the switch acct page
and click on ur acct again...
Tank 5.2??? Yea, keep on playing until u get into 6.1
This is the way to get in there...
So i hope u dun do this...

Bonus Adventure
After u complete the boss round...
U can play tank 1.1 again
But after u completed tank 1.1
U will be transported into the bonus round again
Same as every tank...
Nothing new... just that u can use new pets in new tank

Chapter 3
Time Trial

Almost the same as adventure, but 2 changes.
There is a time limit for each tank.
Tank 1 for 5 mins and Tank 2, 3 and 4 for 10 mins.
And u still can buy egg pieces but purchasing an egg immediately adds a randomly selected pet into your tank. The first egg costs $100, the second $200, the third $400, and it continues to double each time thereafter.

The aim of Time Trial is to collect as many money as u can... and 5% of ur overall money will be turned into shells.

Tank 1
Yep, same strategy,
Select, Presto, Prego and Amp (Clyde if 4)
Presto as Blip first, then Shrapnel, and Gumbo (Angie if Amp)
I bought 16 carnivores!
Record of $34000+
Very good strategy is or if u wan another one
It would be the PUNCH AND ZAP strategy
So called AMP ELECTROCUTION strategy
Select Presto, Amp and Angie (Walter if 4)
Presto as Blip, then Shrapnel, the Gumbo, and Clyde
Use Walter and punch amp when they are near,
Buy as many guppies as u can...
Switch Presto to Angie or Clyde
Then Click Amp 3 times
Sapphires are dropping!!! Click on them as fast as u can...
Repeat it again and again
Very very good strategy this is...

Tank 2
Or MIX EM Together
Turn Presto to Blip
And feed ur fish
When the purchase are opened, turned blip to Shrapnel
When Alien attack, turn shrapnel into Gumbo
After then the first alien attack, change gumbo into Clyde or Walter or Seymour
uy as many guppies as u can, and upgrade ur food quality to max and food quatity to 4
Make 5 starcatchers and star guppies each.
Angie is good for dead guppies now...
Now try to continue all the way
Record - 112000+

Tank 3
Use the strategy "A guppy and day, keep the bettle away"
Pets - Amp, Walter, Presto (Angie if 4)
"Quickly, locate Walter, and keep an eye on him. Change Presto into Shrapnel, or walter, he if is close to Amp. Your first order of business is to punch Amp so he can shock your guppies. You may have to wait a long time before either Walter gets close to Amp. If it gets up to like, 0:45 and they still haven't come close, you may want to start over. Feeding your fish is your next priority. Feed them until they grow to medium, and you have the option to buy Guppies. Buy as many as possible. Change Presto to Angie. Then click Amp and NUKE your guppies. Get all the Diamonds. Then have Walter punch Amp as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE again. Buy as many guppies as you can. Make sure Presto is Angie, and NUKE them again. Keep repeating this processes (Punch Amp, Presto->Angie, Buy as many guppies as possible, D-stroy with Amp) until you have about 6,000 to 8,000 bucks. It comes quicker than you'd think. Once you have this, Turn Presto into Blip (You've heard correctly. The weakest challenge link Blip is a part of my stratagy. Blip lovers Rejoice.) Punch Amp ONE MORE TIME. However, do NOT use all of your money to buy more guppies. Keep your money at 6,000-8,000. With all the diamonds collected, you should have about 10,000-12,000 ish dollars, and a few guppies. Blip should be opening up all options soon. There should be only about 1-2 alien attacks by now. Aliens can easily be dealt with by changing Presto into Gumbo. Once all options are open we enter part two." Taken by HXC, At Davypi's FAQ Guide

Tank 4
Use Ultravore Saturation
The best strategy for this tank
Pets: Seymour, Amp, Gash and Presto.

"Turn Presto into Shrapnel and collect bombs. Buy breeder fish until you can upgrade the food. Click on Amp 4-5 times and turn all the fish into Diamonds. This should give you about 2-3K in coins. Buy both food quality upgrades, 1 food quantity upgrade and as many Carnivores as you can. Turn Presto into Angie (saves dying fish) or Nimbus - your call.

Buy only Carnivores until you have 5 carnivores. You should already have 6-8 Breeder fish to keep your Carnivores fed. Save up and buy 4 Ultravores, 1 by 1, using Amp as soon as he is ready. Buy Carnivores ONLY when you are out of Carnivores and/or the Ultravores are green - never have more than 2 or 3 in the tank at a time. After the next alien attack, buy 3 more ultravores, so that you have 7. Pick up 100,000 in coins between Alien attacks and buy the last two egg pieces. Aliens: Use Gumbo for the first couple of attacks or whenver you get a type II. After that, I just stay with Angie (saves dying fish). Use the strategy from tank 3 to drive aliens into one corner. On the last alien attack, you may have to deal with 2 aliens. Just click madly and hope Angie does her job." Taken by SuperDuperKuper At Davypi's FAQ Guide

So now you have the strategy for each tank.

Chapter 4

Challenge mode is like adventure, u need to buy 3 egg pieces.
But two things change that to make it a challenge

First, about every 5 seconds, the cost of every item on the purchase board will by 1% of its usual cost. For example, guppies usual cost is $100, after 5 secs, it will be $101, thne $102, and so on... A food quality costs $200, increase by $2 every 5 secs. Buying a egg pieces wil reset the cost of all items to their original price, except the egg pieces. There is no way to reset the cost of a egg pieces, but it will max out at $99999

Second, the game will gradually increase the difficulty and/or number of aliens allowed into the tank during each attack. So your first attack in tank one might be Sylvester, the second Balrog, the third Sylvester and Balrog, and so on.

It is also worth pointing out that after five minutes, the game will open up all purchase options to you. As such, you dont need to buy a carnivore to finish level one. You can choose to hold on to your money and buy that last egg piece cheaper.

At the end of each challenge you are awarded with a story about the history of one of the pets or aliens in the game. Although the stories are corny, most of them actually are pretty funny. Also, each story can only be unlocked after defeating a specific tank, as follows:

Tank 1 - Stories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 21, 25, 26
Tank 2 - Stories 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 22, 27, 28
Tank 3 - Stories 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 29, 30
Tank 4 - Stories 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 31, 32

After collecting all 32 stories, you can unlock story 33.
After collecting all 33 stories you are awarded with a golden cup.
- This info are edited, taken at At Davypi's FAQ Guide

Tank 1
Coming soon...

Tank 2
Coming soon...

Tank 3
Coming soon..

Tank 4
Coming soon...

Chapter 5
Virtual Tank

Virtual Tank (For short, VT) is a tank which u can control the tank all by urself... u buy fishes from the fish emporium and feed them. Eventually, it will grow... it takes about a real world 3 days to grow from small to med, and about another 3 days from med to large and about forever to grow from a large to royal... There are many types of fishes, guppies, carnivores, ultravores, starcatchers, guppycrunchers, bettlemunchers, breeders, whiffle ball, bilaterus head, sylvesters, etc.

Ok now, to learn more about virtual tank...

Virtual Tank 20-days cycle
Well in the upper right slot its a repeating 20 day cycle thru many of the different fish attributes offered. Every 10 Days it alternates between Extremely Rare Fish and Named Fish or just Extremely Rare Fish once you have all the named for a particular user.

Included is a short list for the recent past and near future dates when Named Fish and Extremely Rare Fish will be availible for purchase.

Also, below that list I have included a list for the entire 20 day cycle of special attributes offered. It should be easy enough to figure out all future dates beyond those dates I've listed with this pattern if you wish to search further ahead.

Finally, at the bottom of this guide is a link to part two by sfrose which can better help you to understand what your fish will drop, eat, etc and includes the day they can be purchased as described here.

Now for the bad news. I havent yet figured out the pattern for the following types of fish and one fish attribute, if such a pattern exists: Breeders, Whiffle Balls, Aliens, and Color Changers. However days 8,9,18, and 19 appear to be showing some greater frequency of Breeder, Alien and Color Changer availibility.

Note: Depending on your playing habbits you may need to add one day to account for when you will notice these fish appearing. Also note that in other slots these attributes may appear on days other than those listed (except named fish).

Month/Day/Year - Type
9/9/04 - Named Fish
9/19/04 - Extremely Rare Fish
9/29/04 - Named Fish
10/9/04 - Extremely Rare Fish
10/19/04 - Named Fish
10/29/04 - Extremely Rare Fish
11/8/04 - Named Fish
11/18/04 - Extremely Rare Fish
11/28/04 - Named Fish
12/8/04 - Extremely Rare Fish
12/18/04 - Named Fish
12/28/04 - Extremely Rare Fish
1/07/05 - Named Fish
1/17/05 - Extremely Rare Fish
1/27/05 - Named Fish
2/06/05 - Extremely Rare Fish
2/16/05 - Named Fish
2/26/05 - Extremely Rare Fish
3/08/05 - Named Fish
3/18/05 - Extremely Rare Fish
3/28/05 - Named Fish
4/07/05 - Extremely Rare Fish
4/17/05 - Named Fish
4/27/05 - Extremely Rare Fish

Full 20 Day Cycle List
Day1 - Named Fish (see above dates to plug in cycle)
Day2 - Musical Genius
Day3 - Exotic Food
Day4 - Voracious
Day5 - Exotic Food
Day6 - Musical Genius
Day7 - Exotic Food
Day8 - Very Special Diet
Day9 - Exotic Food
Day10 - Forwardly Chalenged
Day11 - Extremely Rare
Day12 - Musical Genius
Day13 - Exotic Food
Day14 - Voracious
Day15 - Exotic Food
Day16 - Musical Genius
Day17 - Exotic Food
Day18 - 0 to 60/ Speedy
Day19 - Exotic Food
Day20 - Invisible

Taken at the official forums, posted by XXSylphXX (click here)
Taken at the official forums. posted by sfrose (Virtual Tank Shopping List)

Prenamed Fishes
Prenamed Fishes are fishes that is already named.

There are 5 prenamed fishes
Cookie (can be bought after the vitamin upgrade)
- Feeds ur exotic fishes with food they want.
- If he flash, he is going to drop something (food).
- A beetlemuncher.
- Eats normal fish food.

- Special colour
- Sings beethoven songs
- A carnivore
- Eat guppies

- Special Colour
- Stays small
- Eats ultravores
- A guppy
- Voracious

- Mauve Colour
- A ultravore
- Eats carnivores
- Sings "Ride of the valkyries"
- Semi voracious

Johnny V
- Colour Changing
- A carnivore
- Eats pizza
- Says "This is my last pizza, I swear!" after every 3rd one

Virtual Tank Guide
About the fishes

You have to feed u fishes thrice daily in order to make them happy and to grow.
Unable the option 'show fish when they are hungry'
So that after feeding thrice, they wont be hungry anymore.

Starting from the least happy to the most happy
- Horribly Depressed
- Feeling Neglected
- Happy
- Chipper
- High on Life / Fish-tastic / Super Pumped / Totally Stoked / Lovin It

How do I earn shells
U can use shells and buy many things
Fish from the fish emporium, secret pets and pet upgrades...
5 different ways to earn shells
- Adventure's Bonus round
- Time Trial
- Challenge
- Virtual Tank's Fishes
- Screensaver Mode

Bonus round
After every bonus adventure, you could collect shells by clicking on shells at the bonus round
This is the same info i used for the bonus round...
This is a round which u can collects shells for ur vt (u will learn more afterwards)

White shells = 1
Yellow shells = 2
Blue shells = 5
Spiral shells = 10
Bag o shells = 20

If u click on a shells 2 times, it will double
For example, u click a spiral shell, then u click on another (second time), u will have 20 shells
Total of 30 shells, for the third time, 30 shell, make of a total of 60 shells.
Hope u understand me (you would know if u play this round)

And also if u have clicked on the same shells for t0 times
U will got a bonus of the original shells amount multiplied by 25.

My strategy is to only click on the bag o shells becoz
If u click 10 times, u will get 1600 shells.

Time trial
After completing time trial, 5% of ur money is converted in shells.

Playing tank 4 is a good way to get big money

After complete tanks, u would have shells

Tank 1 - 1000 shells
Tank 2 - 2000 shells
Tank 3 - 10000 shells
Tank 4 - 20000 shells

Its a good way to play Tank 2, coz it take a little time to complete, buy it gives u 2000 shells

Virtual Tank fishes
Buy a Santa guppy (name a regular 25 shelled guppy and named it Santa)
Its a white fish with reds fish and grows rapidly
He drop bags o shells and sings

Buy a breeder, grow it till it is a large breeder, and he would give birth to a Jr
Jr drops yellow shells when he is young, blue shells when a med, spiral shells when a large
A royal Jr drops bag o shells

Buy Sylvesters and Ultravores if whenever u can
Mini-Sylvesters grows into a sylvester and drops bag-o-shells
Ultravores eats carnivores and drops bag-o-shells

Bettle Munchers are good too, they drops spiral shells
Buy all the prenamed fishes whenever u can
Buy a guppycruncher, he give beetles to ur beetle munchers and 7 shells

Whiffle Balls are good too, grow em till a beach ball n they will drop blue shells
Niko is good too, for 10 shells each pearls
Starcatchers might be good too... They gives out blue shells

Screensaver Mode
So far, the grestest way to earn shells is this...
If u can only choose 3 Pets - Zorf, Clyde, Seymour (or Prego)
If u can choose 7 Pets - Zorf, Clyde, Seymour, Meryl, Brinkley, Presto as Zorf/Meryl, Nimbus/Rhubarb.

How long does my grows into a....
Of coz, this depends... This are my approx. guess...

Guppies - About 3 days to med, 3 days to large and 3 months(?) to royal.
Breeders - About 3 days to med, 4 days to large
Whiffle Balls - About 3 days to Soccer Ball, About 4 days to Beach Ball.
Mini-slyvesters - About 3 days to large

Virtual Tank Cheats
There are two currently known cheats for ur VT

Time travelling
Time Travelers Guide Version 1.0

By xxSylphxx

1) What is Time Traveling?
Very simply it's moving your computers clock forward. This can be accomplished easily on most Windows formats in the "Date and Time" section of the "Control Panel" which is found in "My Computer."

2) Why Time Travel?
There are three reasons for Time Traveling: One is to reset your Virtual Tank Store, another is to restore your fishes moods and the last is to grow your Virtual Tank fish. Moving forward a day in time will give you a new selection of fish to purchase. Moving forward one day at a time and feeding each fish 3 times each of those days will grow your fish rapidly and restore their mood to the happiest state.

3) Why Not Time Travel?
The main reason not to Time Travel is that it can mess up your game, by either freezing your Virtual Store from resetting, depressing your fishes moods so they wont drop shells or locking you out of Adventure Mode. I call these negative effect "The Bends."

4) How Do I Avoid "The Bends"?
4A) The first step in avoiding the bends its not to stop traveling in time less than week forward if you are moving in that direction. If you are traveling back in time then its always best to stop moving forward no later than a week earlier than the present. Also, it is important to always disable your screen saver while Time Traveling.

4B) The second step is to reset the date to 1 week before the present date if you are concerned with your fishes moods. Usually only fish whose mood is happy or better will grow and drop shells. Also, the happier your fish is the faster it will drop shells. If you are not concerned with the draw backs of less than "happy" fish then read the underlined portion below and skip to the third step. Now that you are one week in the past, open the game and go to your virtual tank. Make sure the "Always Show When Fish Are Hungry" button is clicked off and you "Show Fish Names" is clicked on, as this will help you determine when your fish have eaten three times. Now feed your fish three times. *From Virtual Tank Mode exit by pressing the "Menu" button, then the "Main Menu" button, followed by the "Quit" button and finally the "Yes" button when the "Stop the Insanity" prompt appears. It is important to exit your Virtual Tank in this manner because of a bug which will not save progress in your Virtual Tank when using the "Back" button. I suggest always using this method for exiting your Virtual Tank no matter what you are doing in it, to avoid this bug. Now move the date forward one day and repeat this process for five days worth of feeding. This will return them to their highest level of happiness.

If you have musical fish or any fish that eat something other than the normal fish food (Carnivores, Ultravores, Exotic Eaters, Etc.) then you will need to watch them carefully to make sure they have eaten 3 times. If one of your Musical fish begins to sing, a good way to save time is to "tap the glass" (right click) over the singing fish to make it stop singing. The reason this helps is because fish will not eat while singing.

4C) The third step in avoiding the bends is to make sure you are one day before the present day. Check your Virtual Tank Store and see what is for sale. Next, allow your game to run in Virtual Tank Mode constantly between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Being in the Screen Saver will not work, you must be in the game and in Virtual Tank Mode for this to work. One good way to make use of these four hours and ensure the game stays active and screen saver mode does not become active is to use one of the "auto feeder" programs available for feeding Virtual tank fish. I suppose you could also disable your screen savers, but I have never tried it this way.

4D) The final step is to exit the game after you have followed the above directions. Now change your date a final time to the present date, restart the game and check that your store has been reset. If you have already purchased fish on the present date, you may see the same fish for sale that you saw on this date before. What you don't want to see is the same fish you saw when you checked in the third step. As long as you don't see that, then your store is reset and will change each day.

5) Already have "The Bends"?
They say an ounce (gram) of prevention is worth a pound(kilogram) of cure but, in this case they are the same thing. To cure "The Bends" simply follow the dirrections above from 4b to 4D.

6) Expert Level Time Travel
If you have mastered the above method for Time Travel without ever experiencing "the bends" than perhaps you are ready for the expert level st

6A) Avoiding "The Bends"
Before you try to return back in time to the present, make sure your fish are in the mood you wish them to be (see the second step, however move ahead from the date you currently have set until the fishes moods are what you wish them to be). Now, instead of returning a week before present, return one day before and change your clock to 10pm. Again allow the game to run until 2am (according to your reset clock), then exit the game as described in the underlined portion of the second step. Change the date and time to the correct day and time for the present and restart the game.

6B) Growing Fish Through "Regression"
Another way to grow your fish Rapidly is through the regression strategy. To do this you leave your Virtual Tank up and running. Then press Alt Tab to minimize the game without closing it. Now change the date back the number of days required to grow the fish, then feed until the fish grows and repeat as many times as is necessary. After this follow the above step to reset your VT Store.

Example: Today I purchase a Normal Breeder and minimize the game with Virtual Tank running. I change the date back three days and feed this fish three times or until it grows to medium size. Next, I minimize the game again and change the date back 6 more days. Now I feed three more times or until the fish grows to Large size when it can produce guppies. Remember, each fish has its own growth rate.

6C) Find your "Reset Time"
If you do a little experimentation you can determine your exact reset time. This time should fall between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Set the clock ahead to 10pm (you cannot regress the clock to this hour for this to work) after ensuring the Virtual Tank Store is reset and should change for the next day. Now open the game and begin playing in Virtual Tank Mode, periodically check the Virtual Tank Store to see when it resets. Note the time range between when you notice it reset and the last time you knew it didn't reset. Now you should have a much smaller window of time to run your Virtual tank in order to preform a Virtual Store reset.

7) Finding The Fish You Want Through Time Traveling
Combine the information listed above, with my Shopping Guide linked below to further enhance your Time Traveling success.

8 ) Thanks
I would like to thank the entire Official Insaniquarium Message Board at Flying Bear Entertainment. A Special Thanks goes out to sfrose, thespaceinvader, QB and gylphling for their help and input into this guide.

9) Disclaimer
The author of this guide accepts no personal liability for "the bends" if you should for some odd reason still experience them, either by failing to follow the direction correctly or due to an

Taken by the official forum, by xxSylphxx, (click here)

Santa Fish
The finder of the Santa fish is Link Hero of Time from the Official Insaniquarium Message Board

Buy a regular 25-shelled guppy and name it Santa
It would become a white fish with reds fish and grows rapidly
He drop bags o shells and sings after every 3rd food he has eaten

Chapter 6
Stinky the Snail
- Confined on the bottom of the tank
- Collects money
- Pair him with Seymour
- During a alien attack, he would hide inside his shell
- Pair him with Nimbus, he would get red-hot
- STINKY roams around the bottom of the tank, catching any coins u may have missed.
- Stories: STINKY knew from an early age that he was different from the other snails. He had the fever. The money fever. He was all about collecting money. But what does STINKY need with all that money? STINKY answers, "It impresses the ladies."

Niko the Oyster
- He have a new spot in every new backdrop
- After a while, He would opens his mouth with pearls which worth $250
- If you never click on his pearl, He would close his mouth eventually
- NIKO produce pearls that you can click on for a hefty sum of money
- Stories: One question that always comes up when talking about NIKO is: Why doesn't NIKO open his mouth more often? There is a reason for this. It is because NIKO thinks that opening his mouth may allow demons to steal his soul. Therefore, he keeps mouth opening to a minimum.

Itchy the Swordfish
- He attack aliens
- Gives out a angry look when fighting
- Quite fast, but not too strong at fighting
- ITCHY helps you by attacking aliens when they appear
- Stories: ITCHY wasn't always the grizzled, alien-attacking warrior that he is today. In fact, he used to be a watercoloring, vegan pacifist... Until one day an alien invaded ITCHY's tank. ITCHY tried to reason with the alien, but it wouldn't listen. The alien ate ITCHY's friends and this is when ITCHY swore a blood oath to kill all aliens!

Prego the Momma Fish
- Give birth to guppies
- Like breeders just that she dont need food
- Make a farting sound when she give birth
- PREGO helps populate your tank by giving birth to baby guppy every so often
- Stories: Everyone knows PREGO as the loving mother to a thousand guppies. But the question on everybody's mind is: Where did she get that exquisite scarf? PREGO answers, "Oh, this thing?
Son 183,241 gave it to me... no wait... it was Son 183,240. I always get those two mixed up."

Zorf the Seahorse
- Feed ur guppies with level 2 food
- Important in Screensaver mode
- ZORF gives you a hand in keeping your fish fed
- Stories: Some people wonder, Why doesn't ZORF ever upgrade to level 3 food? The reason is that ZORF thinks that most foods are too rich in fat and artificial preservatives. The level 2 food, on the other hand, is raised one hundred percent organically and has no artificial flavors or additives.

Clyde the Jellyfish
- Driftly slowly around the tank
- Collects money
- Pair him with Seymour or Nimbus
- CLYDE drifts slowly through your tank, collecting any coins it passes by
- Stories: CLYDE, much like STINKY, likes collecting money. Unlike STINKY, though, CLYDE doesn't collect money for just any lady. He is actually saving up to finally get his mother the operation that she needs. So just remember that every dollar left over at the end of a level might just go to CLYDE's mother's operation fund!

Vert the Skeleton
- Swim like a normal large guppy
- Drop gold coins
- Do not need to be fed
- VERT drops gold coin just like a large guppy, but doesn't need fish food to survive
- Stories: Some people are afraid to use VERT because they think that he is an undead product of dark occult forces and therefore may turn against them at any time. This is simply not true. Obviously, a bad skeleton would not give you gold coins. He would drop rat poison.

Rufus the Fiddler Crab
- Confined on the bottom of the tank
- Fight aliens which are on the bottom of the tank
- Use him in round which have Destructor or Ulysses
- Give a weird-angry look when fighting aliens
- RUFUS does heavy damage to enemies you've lured to the bottom of the tank
- Stories: RUFUS started his career as a dance instructor, teaching people how to do his patented pop and lock arm routine. When his dance studio burned down in a freak accident, RUFUS became a mercenary for hire, using his dance skills to amplify his already potent natural fighting ability.

Meryl the Mermaid
- Swims around the tank
- Sings occasionally
- The singing makes the guppies happy
- Guppies will drop three coins/sapphires after Meryl finished singing
- Pair her with Seymour and Clyde
- MERYL songs cheers up all the guppies in the tank, making them drop coins faster
- Stories: MERYL delights in thrilling audiences around theworld with her virtuoso singing talent. She has never been able to measure up in the eyes of the carnivores or ultravores, though. These fish view her simply as another unoriginal corporate-sponsored pop star. To her critics, MERYL would like to point out that she has never sold out by making a music video.

Wadsworth the Whale
- Shelter your baby and medium guppies during aliens attack
- Pair him with Gumbo/A combat pet
- WADSWORTH helps by sheltering your baby and medium guppies from hungry aliens
- Stories: WADSWORTH has made quite a comeback since his accident several years back. Hopelessly addicted to plankton and abandoned by all his friends, WADSWORTH lost all muscle control one day and accidentally ate all of the fish in his mouth. Since finishing rehab four years ago, WADSWORTH has re-entrenched himself in Insaniquarium players' hearts.

Seymour the Sea Turtle
- His presence make money drifts slower
- Pair him with a collector
- SEYMOUR's presence makes all coins and diamonds drifts at a slower rate
- Stories: After beating the hare a few years ago, SEYMOUR retired and returned to his home in the aquarium. Sadly, nothing would ever top his winning that race. SEYMOUR does not live in the present as we knowit. Look into his eyes and you can see that his mind is stuck in a hazy past... reliving his last glorious moment.

Shrapnel the Robot Fish
- Drops bomb which worth $150
- The bomb could kill fishes
- Use him as Presto in the first few minutes in the game
- After that, Switch him to somebody else.. He could be more a hazard then a help
- SHRAPNEL drops bombs that blow up fish on contact but gives lots of cash when clicked
- Stories: When talking about SHRAPNEL, the main question is usually: What are the market forces of supply and demand thatresult in SHRAPNEL's bombs being worth $150? Alan Fishspan, chairman of the Federal Shell Reserve answers: This is a response to the current low rate on 30 year mortgages, combined with the strong performance of the Euro against the dollar.

Gumbo the Anglerfish
- Brings your fishes to one corner during aliens attack
- Pair him with Wadsworth
- GUMBO attracts guppies using the lantern on his head, luring them away from aliens
- Stories: Many critics of GUMBO say that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing... that he simply leads all of your guppies to one spot to make it easier for his alien friends to kill them all. GUMBO answers his critics by pointing out that the aliens have shown him no mercy in Tank 5. "I am not nor have I ever been a member of the Alien party!" says Gumbo.

Blip the Porpoise
- Provides info such as aliens hit points, where the aliens is before they appear
- Opens all purchase option in about 5 secs, Show when ur fish are getting hungry
- BLIP provides you with info that helps you better combat aliens and keep your fish fed
- Stories: BLIP wrestled for years with his psychic abilities. He was shunned as a child by the other fish who hated him for being able to tell when they were hungry. Then one day, BLIP got a bad feeling about a certain area of the tank. He didn't tell anyone, though, because everyone was mean to him. After all the other fish were killed, BLIP felt guilty and vowed to only use his powers for good.

Rhubarb the Hermit Crab
- Snaps claw on fishes, making them off the ground
- Useful in guppy saturation
- My favourite!
- RHUBARB snaps his claw on fish, keeping them off the bottom of the tank
- Stories: RHUBARB has often been accused of being the "worst pet ever". RHUBARB doesn't really care what his detractors think, though. He's not aiming to be a crowd pleaser. He's not trying to prove anything to anyone. He just wishes those darn fish would stay off the ground!

Nimbus the Manta Ray
- He throws food and coins back up to the top of the tank
- Pair him with clyde (and seymour)
- He makes Stinky angry
- NIMBUS tosses any coins or food he catches back up toward the top of the tank
- Stories: Some people want to know: What's Nimbus' record for bouncing a coin up and down? Nimbus answers: "One thousand seven hundred and twenty-four times." Way to go, Nimbus!

Amp the Electric Eel
- Charge when walter punch him
- Charge after a while
- When he is yellow, click on him, he would turn orange, then red then he turn every guppies into diamonds
- Pair him with Angie
- AMP can electrocute your entire tank, killing your fish and turning them into diamonds
- Stories: Rumors have been circulating for years now that some companies have developed a way to make AMP turn water into diamonds. Conspiracy theorists believe that it is simply the interests of the greedy diamond lobby that have prevented this research from becoming available to the general public. AMP is closed-mouthed on the subject.

Gash the Shark
- The strongest combat pet
- He viciously attack aliens
- He also eats any guppies from time to time (he eats royal guppies too!)
- GASH viciously attack aliens, but will snack on one of your guppies from time to time
- Stories: GASH used to be one of ITCHY the Swordfish's best friends until ITCHY left him for dead in a violent alien attack. Now, years later, GASH roams the tank trying to settle the score with the aliens and perhaps one day... with ITCHY as well!

Angie the Angelfish
- Revives dead fishes
- Pair him with Amp (Amp kill the fishes, Angie revives them)
- Useful in amp electroduction strategy and guppy saturation
- ANGIE has the ability to resurrent dead fish
- Stories: To most fans, ANGIE can do no wrong. But to a few there will always be the question: Why did she save this fish but not that one? How does she make her fateful decision? ANGIE responds that she tries to save all fish but for some, it was simply their time to go. "After all, if the entire tank were saved then the frame rate would go down."

Presto the Tadpole
- Use him everytime and everywhere
- He is needed in every strategy
- Change him to gumbo or a combat pet when alien attack
- Change him to Angie or Clyde when amp charge
- Change PRESTO to any of your other pets by right-clicking on him
- Stories: PRESTO is not actually a real pet. He was made up for the game.

Secret Pets
You can buy this 4 secret pets by completing the time trial or challenge tank.
The pets do not costs money, it costs shells

Brinkley the Scuba-Diving Elephant
- Give out stars after every 3rd food you gave him
- The price: 20000 shells
- Likes: Peach muffin, all things brown and sticky. Dislikes: Arugula
- Stories: BRINKLEY was a performing elephant for many years before escaping his cruel circus masters. Unfortunately, BRINKLEY could not escape his own voracious appetite. An appetite for... food!

Nostradamus the Nose
- Drop snots which worth $1
- Even a large guppy eats his snot, he would turn to another nose
- Delays alien attack
- The price: 25000 shells
- Little known fact: NOSTRADAMUS is the nose of ex-president Rutherford S. Hayes
- Stories: Asked by skeptics whether he really is the nose of President Rutherford B. Hayes, NOSTRADAMUS replies: "Yes and no. I was President Hayes' second nose. His first nose was blown off in the Civil War."

Stanley the Startlingly Small Sea Serpent
- Throws sports balls on aliens
- Use him when Destructor or Ulysses invades
- He can destroys missiles and energy balls
- The price: 30000 shells
- STANLEY knows no fear... except that of badgers, aprons, and badgers wearing aprons
- Stories: STANLEY's seeming unlimited supply of balls are the scourge of alien missile shooters everywhere. Some players wonder why he bothers throwing balls directly at the aliens, though. STANLEY answers: "I like balls."

Walter the Penguin
- Click on him to let his punching gloves out
- He can punch fishes to let them drop money
- He can punch Shrapnel, Vert or Niko to give out money
- He can punch Amp to charge
- He can punch *Angie as Presto, back to presto
- Pair him with Amp and Angie
- The price: 35000 shells
- Choosing this pet donates all proceed Falafel Foundation, Free the falafels!
- Stories: WALTER masks his tremendous insecurities with sheer bravado and scrappiness. On the outside, this happy-go-lucky penguin seems to have not a care in the world. On the inside, he has a great big boxing glove which he uses to punch people.
(* any pets)

Pet upgrades
After buying all 4 secret pets, there are 2 more pet upgrades
One of them is a maximun of 4 pets in adventure, challenge and time trial. This costs 40000 shells. Another is a maximun of 7 pets in your virtual tank. This costs 50000 shells

After buying all this upgrades and pets, you will be awarded with a silver trophy. It may looked like a blue trophy, but it is actually a silver trophy. Please do not mix this 2 things up


- Slow
- Can't eat too much fishes at once
- Stories: SYLVESTER used to run a popular sushi bar in downtown San Francisco, but when he discovered a mysterious wormhole that led directly to the Insaniquarium, SYLVESTER sold the restaurant to pursue his lifelong dream: EATING ALL YOUR FISH!

- Lion-like
- Speed: Medium
- Eats many fishes at a time
- Stories: Many people want to know: How does BALROG manage to keep his hair so thick and luxurious? BALROG answers: First of all, to keep the shine in my hair, I try to avoid using heated styling tools. I also like to use a wide-tooth comb while in the shower so that I can distribute my conditioner EVENLY. Finally, when sleeping, I put my hair in a scrunchie to prevent breakage.

- Can't be killed by lasers
- By overeating fish foods, he will die
- Stories: Many people wonder: What is GUS laughing about? Just what is so funny about killing innocent fishies? He's actually not laughing about fish. It turns out that GUS heard the following joke in 1984 and is still laughing about it: What did the daddy buffalo say to his kid before leaving the house? Bison!

- Shoots missiles to your fishes
- Do not kill your fishes directly
- Missiles destroyed when clicked
- Stories: DESTRUCTOR was created many years ago by a brilliant scientist to be a toy for his favorite nephew. The nephew, unfortunately, was a sadistic little boy who liked to torture his pet fish. This is where DESTRUCTOR learned his destructive behavior. The scientist now readily admits, "Maybe it was a bad idea giving DESTRUCTOR those missiles."

- Creates energy balls and kill your fishes
- Do not kill your fishes directly
- When energy balls are clicked, It turn yellow and kill any fishes which is near by
- Energy balls are totally destroyed when it hit the walls or aliens in the tank
- Stories: One big "How Come" with ULYSSES is, How come ULYSSES doesn't just fire already-deflected missiles? Wouldn't this kill more fish and get the job done faster? The reason he can't do this is complicated, but it essentially boils down to a strict code of honor and fairness among cyclopses that precludes such unsportsmanlike behavior... and also, he's dumb.

- Incredibly Fast
- Eats many many fishes at a time
- Have a resting period time to time (turns blue)
- Gains health when you shoot him during his resting period
- Stories: PSYCHOSQUID's nickname was given to him by his ex-girlfriend. He could not comprehend when their relationship was over. He kept calling her as if nothing had happened. He would wait outside her door and ask what she had been up to. This is when she started calling him PSYCHOSQUID to her friends.

- Incredibly Fast
- Two heads, but you have to kill them one by one
- Kill fishes whenever contact
- Fishes will also die when it contacts with the floating spine
- Stories: Hardcore BILATERUS fans often argue over which head is superior. Judy K from Minnesota writes in: "Obviously the pointy head is the brains of the operation. The round head is just an overrated Christmas ornament." Bob J from Alabama counters: "No way. Roundy is the MAN! Pointy is just along for the ride." Whoa, easy there, you two. This is one controversy that won't be settled today!

- Created by Cyrax
- Killed when clicked (like destructor missiles)
- Fast
- Stories: MINISYLVESTER was created by CYRAX to be a sort-of "Yes-Man" or "Toady". Originally he sought to make a MINICYRAX, but this plan was disastrous as the MINICYRAXes conspired to do away with their creator. CYRAX found the MINISYLVESTERs to be much more malleable to his will... or at least that's what they have led him to believe...

- The evil alien mastermind
- Creates Minislyvesters
- Very strong
- Strongest alien
- Do not kills fishes directly
- Stories: After losing the legendary Battle of Tank 5, Cyrax moved on and eventually became host of his own late night variety show. Some people call it a cerebral high-brow interview program, while critics have deemed it a lowest-common-denominator sleaze-fest. There is certainly no end of controversy to his show, and Cyrax wouldn't have it any other way.

Cheats, Mysteries and Secrets

Sandbox is accessed by the 'Konami Kode':

up up down down left right left right b a
Typed in at the main menu. You must have the silver trophy in order to access it.
In order to access sandboxes with different items available for purchase, go into the pet select screen for the tank you want, then quit to the menu and access the box.
Press the following keys to access everything:


1 - Guppy
2 - Carnivore
3 - Star dropping fish
4 - Star Catcher
5 - Guppy Cruncher
6 - Beetle Muncher
7 - Breeder
8 - Ultravore


q - Stinky
w - Niko
e - Itchy
r - Prego
t - Zorf
y - Clyde
u - Vert
i - Rufus
o - Meryl
p - Wadsworth
a - Seymour
s - Shrapnel
d - Gumbo
f - Blip
g - Rhubarb
h - Nimbus
j - Amp
k - Gash
l - Angie
; - Presto

Secret Pets
Make sure they are typed in capitals

A - Brinkley
S - Nostradamus
D - Walter
F - Stanley


z - Sylvester
x - Balrog
c - Gus
v - Destructor
b - Ulysses
n - PsychoSquid
m - Bilaterus

Change the background with + and -.

You can have as many of anything as you want. Just hold the button down to get them.

Happy sandboxing.

To do list:

Hex editing, screenshots and images...
Mysteries and more cheats...

Yet many many more.....

Finding help in...

I need screenshots for aliens, in-game, sandbox...

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